We have survived the wedding weekend and lived to tell about it..  being surrounded by love, family and friends is the best feeling ever. Thank you all for everything.

The dogs, chickens and horses where all glad to see us home. Chester and Oscar both kissed the bride. cute horses they are . Angus was too shy and Willie gave me a head snuggle, which for him is huge. Bree of course wanted an ear scratch..

Fish say blurp blurp.. hard to be sure if that is a happy to see you blurp  or a feed us blurp.

So glad to be home. And to catch up on sleep. Alison B is helping with the barn this week. Thank goodness.

They sent Joe home from work  ( yes he went to work instead of a honeymoon) and we slept all afternoon..

We hear that Rocky cantered under saddle a lap of the ring without a buck.. yah Daina and Rock!

Oscar to get worked today by me.. he almost managed to get a week in without it ..

Glad everyone had a super time!!!