Well it is days like this that make it all worth while. It was a very cold morning again. We have enough snow coverage to allow the beasties out onto the big fields. Well the Newbies all discovered it today. Cold and frosty canters and bucks. Too funny to watch David, Pat, Angus and Willie play and watch and run.
 Socks and Chester eventually gave in and joined them too.
I was covered in frozen sweat from doing first chores, needed to go into the bathroo, but was trying to get as much done as I could before undressing out of the 5 layers of clothes.. winter in canada.. They the guys started to play. bucks, rear, frolic and be goofy in general. I watched and smiled and wished I had a camera.. it makes it all worth it for these moments of shear joy.  They can sure make a person grateful that I have the life I have.