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 Corner Stone Farm Equestrian Centre is a multi-discipline equestrian facility located just a few minutes north of the beautiful town of Kingston.

 We offer horse enthusiasts year-round riding Lessons for all ages, Horse training by certified coaches, Leadership Programs, great Summer Camp programs, Horse Boarding, Therapeutic Riding, Short Course events, Clinics and much more.

 We endeavour to fulfill our mission statement with honesty, integrity, and accountability. The professionalism and compassion of staff, instructors and volunteers, empower our riders with and without disabilities, to a level of riding that earns the respect of all.

Meet the owners:

Cathy Colwell (McAllister), a riding instructor certified by the British Horse Society. August 14 1987.

Cathy’s intuitive nature with horses is a great asset to her philosophy that correct schooling on the flat is the foundation to success. Cathy’s varied experiences in the horse world have led her to adopt an adaptable attitude, adjusting her methods and teaching style to each individual horse or rider.

She is a knowledgeable and sensitive professional who has been a full-time trainer/instructor for over 26 years. She has had experience with horses for 45 years. Originally from Kingston, Cathy has always loved animals and horses. She has been riding horses as long as she can remember.

Cathy attended Queen's University to study English, Drama  and Psychology, but the passion of her life has always been horses.

Meeting with Pegotty Henriques (author of Balanced Riding and many other books) became a turning point in Cathy’s career. She was drawn to the insightful, caring way that teaching can help all riders to discover harmony while training in a classical style without harshness or brutality. Peggotty showed her that riding dressage is something everyone can do well and enjoy.

Following Pegotty’s advice, Cathy went to England to take an intensive program to obtain her teaching certificate. Riding at UrchinwoodManor.co.uk, and taking various clinics with Baron Blixen Finecke and others who teach there, helped Cathy to further develop her teaching style and knowledge base.

Cathy continues to take clinics and expand her knowledge and skills. Over the years, she has coached students and trained horses of many different types and is experienced in dealing with almost any equestrian-related situation. Over the years she has repeatedly produced some of the area's best horse/rider combinations.

Her students range from short stirrup pony Champions  to successful Professional Eventers and Dressage riders.

Above is Cathy, jumping Winchester, in a horse trials in England.

Teaching, now, for 26 years, Cathy has opened the wonderful world of horses to many kids and adults. Today some of them are training horses and showing for living, some are teaching, and others bring their kids to learn how to ride, love and enjoy the company of Cathy and her horses.

Cathy is still in touch with her main Coach from her training days in England and is still so grateful to have had the training with such a talented coach. 

Congratulations to Eric and Lizzel for the acknowledgment in 

 Horse & Hound’s Total Horse magazine, selected Severnvale as one of the UK’s 10 best riding schools and training centres. The Centre aims to keep up its position by continuing to provide a wide range of first class training.

Apart from normal riding lessons, the Centre regularly holds clinics and training days as well as specialist visits.

Additionally, Severnvale is registered with the Event Horse Owners Association and with British Eventing, and participates in their training initiatives. The aim of these is to give owner / riders direct access to training with top riders and trainers.

Lizzel and Eric are accredited British Eventing trainers and qualified to run event-training days.


IF you are ever considering going to England I can make sure you get invited to have a lesson or a visit while you are in their area of Bristol.

I can also arrange for working students to have a reference from me to assist in placement with their programs too.

 Read what our students say about their experiences with us :

"Thanks Cath, Lendon Gray was our guest speaker yesterday at the banquet and she spoke about how important it is to have a good foundation - both your horse and yourself. She said, 'There aren't many people out there any more who teach people properly at the beginning of their riding careers, but those people are worth their weight in gold. You don't have to be an Olympic level instructor to make a difference.' I thought, TOO TRUE. I'm so glad that I had a great instructor when I started - YOU. You're one of those people who lay the foundation work properly when you teach, and I'm so grateful that I had that sort of start. I know I've said it before, but if it hadn't been for you taking a chance on me, allowing me to work for lessons, I wouldn't be anywhere.
When I enter at 'A' I do so with all the confidence and skill you instilled in me. I wish you knew what a tactful and talented rider you are too, sometimes I don't think you realize!!
 I've worked for Olympians and World Cup riders, but I learned my most important lessons from you, Cathy. It's a bigger gift than I think you'll ever know. 
 I'll send you pic of the boys with all their ribbons. None of this or anything I do in the future would be possible without you.
Thank you SO much. HUGE hugs 

All my love,   Kimberley Beldam-Saylor"

"Corner Stone Farm is a great place to ride! The atmosphere is laid-back and fun, the horses are well-cared for and well-adjusted, and there’s real camaraderie amongst the riders. The instruction is tailored to what YOU want to get from your riding. Cathy is at the heart of all of these good qualities. She is a thoughtful, innovative and patient instructor. She cares about her horses and her students, and it shows!"  -- Christine  Adams

Joe McAllister, Cathy's husband and partner for 19 years. He is from a farming background.   He is an experienced and certified plumber.  He has a gentle touch with the horses and a great eye for soundness.  He is also a gifted welder, and the resident expert for lawncare and anything BBQ.
The staff at Corner Stone Farm are hand picked, friendly and knowledgeable and always put the horses' best interest first. 
We are located at:
 2891 Kings Highway 15, Kingston, Ont. K7L 4V3

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 Cathy Colwell - McAllister                       Phone: 613 547 3735

Email : Corner_stone_farm@hotmail.com

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