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Ride, Succeed and Enjoy ...that is our goal


No force, no fear, just natural communication and understanding.

Our newest instructor, Marita Cockburn, gently starts or re-starts your horse. A language of communication is developed and the horse learns to trust, understand, and accept the rider without force.

As Marita teaches, she builds your confidence as well as helping you develop a higher level of understanding and skill with your horse.

Maritia’s methods will give you a clear and easy path to achieve extraordinary results. You will learn to understand horses’ natural fears and ways of communication, and to be considerate of individual talents and abilities.

Here is your chance to learn from a passionate knowledgeable instructor whose methods are proven successful. 

Corner Stone Farm Welcomes our newest instructor Marita Cockburn, who holds her rider level 8 certification, has been teaching horseback riding since 2006.
Focused on her own training with her event horse Khomille who has been her partner since 2001. The pair progressed through the eventing levels until 2007, competing up to the Preliminary level. Khomille has remained her steadfast companion through thick and thin. 
Marita also holds a Masters in English Literature a Honours Bachelor in English and Art History and a Bachelor of Education. 
From 2006 - 2009 She taught in various camp programs which included working for Taylor Statten Camps in Algonquin Park, Venturing Hills Farm and Spruce Ridge Equicentre in the Ottawa Valley between 2006 and 2010. In 2010 she was brought back to Taylor Staten Camp as their horseback riding program director, where she cared for 20 horses and six barn staff, facilitating programming and barn management for five summers. 
She is still passionate about horses, riding, and teaching, she now enjoys riding purely for pleasure and sharing that passion with her students.
We are so excited to have a person and teacher of this quality new to the Kingston area with expertise in Show jumping and Cross Country at this level. Rider must have obtained an NQR at 4 Horse Trials at the Training Level to compete at Preliminary jumping heights 3'6 - 3'11 at 520 mpm
We offer flexible training options:
1. Full Training

Cathy works the horse 5 times per week. If your schedule is too packed we can do it all.

We like to include the owners in the process. You will get weekly/ daily updates on workouts and progress.

Training sessions with Cathy start at $35.00 per training ride.

2. Developed Training

Cathy can start the training process (up to 5 sessions per week) involving the owner as much as they are comfortable with. Together, we work up to the owner riding as much as three times a week, with Cathy still riding one or two times as well.

Adding the lesson package will reduce the cost of lessons:

Lessons are 45.00(1/2 hr), 55.00 ( ¾ hr )and 65.00 (full hour)

Training sessions are $35.00 per ride but reduced to $30.00 per ride

3. Maintenance Training

The horse and owner are in a regular lesson program, riding once or twice a week.

During these lessons, you will be given homework for you and your horse to practice and conquer before the next lesson to keep the progress going.

When your schedule gets too busy, Cathy is here to do maintenance rides to keep the horse fit and going.

Charges per use are calculated at the end of the month.

Training sessions are $35.00 per ride, but reduced to $30.00 per ride if booked and paid in advance.

4. Option Four

Working students do the majority of the handling and riding under Cathy's supervision. 

We have talented sensitive working students who can share in the training process for a reduced cost. Cathy works very closely with these students.

The rate is $25.00 per training session.

Bundle it all up with boarding, training or lessons and get 10% off.

"Taking the time to invest in your horse's education will pay off in the years of enjoyment that you will both have together".

Think of the possibilities....


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