Electronic Entries also accepted with same day e transfers . 

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 *Kingston Short Course Events at Corner Stone Farm * 

Divisions Offered: 

ModifiedSame dressage test  as pre starter but jumps in the ring only and trot poles under 12 inches. ( not part of the series year end) 

Pre Starter ( Grasshopper) : 

18 inches and under. Very inviting fences, excellent for green horses and/or riders. 


- 2’0” max height. A variety of inviting cross country fences. 

Pre- Entry: 

- 2’6”  ( 2'9) max height. A variety of inviting cross country fences, a good introduction to eventing.  

Dressage tests and additional jumping rounds are available for an additional fee*

Courses can be ridden at a trot or canter. Eventing Canada rules apply to the entire Short Course Event. Assistance allowed with additional penalty points being awarded (10 dressage/stadium, 20 cross country). 

Dressage tests are available at : http://www.cadora.ca/Tests/ 

Our show test are :

Pre starter 18" test Cadora Walk Trot C 

Starter 2' Cadora Training B

Pre entry Cadora Training Test D


Entries received later will incur an additional  $25 Post Entry Fee. 

Entries will not be accepted unless accompanied by: 

-A completed entry form with complete payment. 

-Signed Waiver (rider, parent if under 18 yrs., person responsible) 

-Copy of 2015 OEF membership card for Rider and Owner 

-Payments : made out to owner of farm or internet e-transfer. 

- Cheques to be dated NO LATER THAN CLOSING DATE. 

-Mailing address on entry form. 

-No refunds after closing date without Vet Certificate. $25 admin fee is held. 

**ONLINE ENTRIES – please use etransfer the same day **

 Class will be broken down between Junior (18 years and under) and Senior 

 Ribbons to 6th place, prizes in all divisions. Jr Sr splitting 

Competitors must wear their number at all times in the schooling and exercise area. No horses on premises that are not entered in the show that day. 

 Parking in designated areas only, will be clearly marked – NO LUNGEING. 

 Tests may be called at the show. 

 Ring Size will be 20m x 40m for all dressage tests. 

 Tack Check required before each phase. It is the rider’s responsibility to report to the tack check person prior to their dressage test and jumping round. Failure to do so will result in elimination. 

 All Owners and competitors are personally responsible for damages to third parties caused by themselves, their employees, their agents or their horses. Third party insurance providing full coverage for participation in equestrian events is necessary. 

 Helmets are required for all riders. ASTM/SEI or BSI approved headgear must be worn by all riders. 

 Rules of Equine Canada will be followed. Please see www.equinecanada.ca 

**There will be a great canteen on site ** 

**Please check directly with hosts  for stabling as it will be limited**

The Corner Stone Farm, the owners, the show committee and volunteers are committed to: 

-Upholding the welfare of all horses, regardless of value 

-All horses be treated with the kindness, respect and compassion they deserve 

-All horses are never subjected to mistreatment 

-All owners, trainers, competitors and their sponsors use responsible care in the handling, treatment and transportation of their horses including those placed in their care 

Anyone that does not adhere to these commitments will be asked to leave the premises and will not be allowed to compete.

Short Course Entry Form 

This entry is subject to the terms and conditions in the official schedule/prize list. If riding more than one horse, please complete one entry form for each horse and specify on each form that multiple rides must be accounted for by administration during scheduling. 

Name and Date of Hosting Site: ___________________________________________________________________ 




                    DOB if Junior: 

OEF #Rider: 

                    OEF# Owner: 

Horse Name: 

                  Age/Colour/Breed of Horse/Pony: 

Email: _________________________________________

Phone Number: _________________________________ 

Horse Name: ___________________________ 

Is the horse fully vaccinated? Yes  No  

Owner Name: _______________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________ 

Phone Number: ___________________________________ 

Fees :

$85 Full Division (includes $5 insurance fee and $5 jump development fee) 

$65 'Add-on' second Full Division (same horse-rider pair) 

$75 Modified Division ( in the sand ring over show jump style jumps only) 

$35 Dressage ONLY 

$10 'Add-on' Dressage (each additional test) 

$25 Late Fee (for entries received after closing date) 

Division (check box for all that apply) Fees 

Modifed Division                [ ] _____

Pre – Starter Dressage Only [ ] ________

Full Division                        [ ] ________ 

Full Division Second Time     [ ] ________ 

Starter Dressage Only                     [ ] ________ 

Full Division                         [ ] ________ 

Full Division Second Time     [ ] ________ 

Pre- Entry Dressage Only                [ ] ________ 

Full Division                         [ ] ________ 

Full Division Second Time     [ ] ________ 

LATE FEE            $25.00               [ ] ________

– Include if entry will arrive to administration post closing date 

Total fees :                _________________

Do Not Sign until you Understand All Items Above 

ACKNOWLEDGMENT of RISK and RELEASE of LIABILITY – “For Participants 18 or Older” 

Please Print Clearly 

Participant’s Name: 

Date of Birth: 


Every Person must Read and Understand this form before Participating in Equine Activities 

TO: ___________________________________( print host site name ) ,short course Eventing series organizers ,  their directors, employees, officers, Volunteers, business operators, and site property owners. (all of them collectively called the HOST) 

Initial each item below After Reading and Understanding the item 

_____1. I Understand there are Inherent DANGERS, HAZARDS and RISKS, (collectively called RISKS

associated with Equine Activities and injuries resulting from these “RISKS” are a common occurrence. 

_____2. I Acknowledge that the Inherent “RISKS” of Equine Activities mean 

those DANGEROUS conditions which are an integral part of Equine Activities, including but not limited to: 

The propensity of any equine to behave in ways that might result in injury, harm or death to persons on or around them and to potentially collide with, bite or kick other animals, people, or objects. 

The unpredictability of an equine’s reaction to such things as sounds, sudden movement, tremors, vibrations, unfamiliar objects, persons or other animals and hazards such as subsurface objects. 

The potential for other participant (s) to act in a negligent manner that might contribute to injury to themselves or others, such as failing to act within their ability or to maintain control over an equine. 

_____3. I Freely Accept and Fully Assume All Responsibility for the Inherent “RISKS” and the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage or loss resulting from my Participation in Equine Activities. 

_____4. I Acknowledge that it remains my Sole Responsibility to act in such a manner as to be responsible for my own safety and to Participate Within My Own Limits. 

_____5. In addition to consideration given for my Participate in Equine Activity, I and my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns (collectively called my “Legal Representatives”) agree 

To Waive All Claims that I might have against the “HOST”; and 

To Release the “HOST” from Any and All Liability for any loss, damages, injury, or expense that I or my “Legal Representatives” might suffer as a result of my Participation due to any cause whatsoever including any NEGLIGENCE ON THE PART OF THE “HOST”; and 

To HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY THE “HOST” from any and all liability for property damage or personal injury to any third party which might result from my Participation in Equine Activities. 

Before signing this form I read it (as indicated by my initials above) and I stated that I understand it. I know that signing this form, waives certain legal rights I or my “Legal Representatives” might have against the “HOST”. 

SIGNED This ____day of ______________________2015. 

Name and Date of Host Farm and Date of show. Corner Stone Farm Sept. 13. 2015. Short Course 

(Print Name of HOST Corner Stone Farm /Cathy Colwell and Joe McAllister  Witness to signing & Initialing) 

(Signature of Participant)  ______________________________

(Signature Host Witness) Do Not Sign until you Understand All Items Above 

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