Team-Building and Leadership Training with Horses Workshops

Fostering Personal and Business Success through Communication, Collaboration, & Leadership Training

We provide a Leadership workshop based on a long perfected working model; a horse herd.

* Through the interaction with our horses, each participant will become quickly aware of behaviours that do and don't support a good partnership.

* Learn that they can adapt and change their behaviour to achieve success.

* Gain new knowledge and skills for blending strengths and weaknesses.

* Become more willing and effective teammates on the job, and better partners throughout life.

* Learn that every contribution counts and that everyone can deliver value.

* Learn how to connect, communicate, and develop a partnership.

* Participants will be able to immediately apply these principles in their workplace and in their personal lives.

Participants will improve these Leadership skills:

* Communication

* Self-Esteem

* Confidence

* Collaboration

* Identification of Group Needs

* Define Team Role Development

* Creative Solutions

* Unity

 "The horse is a great equalizer, he doesn't care how good looking you are, or how rich you are or how powerful you are-- he takes you for how you make him feel."

- Buck Brannaman

 Learn to Connect, Communicate, and Succeed in your relationships.

* Each Leadership course is led by a team of instructors.

* Participants are guided through powerful and memorable learning experiences with horses.

* Using various tools and exercises to engender trust and teach team principles.

* Through this interaction with our horses, workshop participants learn to use perfected and proven approaches to leadership, communication, and teamwork.

* As fear is relieved and tensions relax, the whole team will experience heightened creativity, respect for diversity within the group, and a strong sense of comfort and unity.

 How does it work?

* A team of people and a herd of horses have a lot in common; they both require strong leadership, clear and consistent communication, and a keen awareness of the needs and goals of the group.

* Since the survival of the herd depends on the success of its leadership, the selection of the leader is not taken lightly.

* A herd will accept a leader based on these leadership qualities, not dependent on title, seniority, or stock ownership.

*By engaging in groundwork exercises with horses in a controlled setting, together we will uncover communication patterns.  

*How the horse reacts to your communication, behaviour and body language provides us with clear, instructive feedback you can use to identify opportunities for team and individual Leadership development. 

*At no point will participants be required to ride or mount a horse.

*Each exercise is a combination of demonstration, hands on exploration and guided discussion.  This allows participants the opportunity to experience, observe and reflect on how attitude, body language and intent impact what we communicate and the results we get.

What makes a leader?

* A leader can't lead unless people are willing to follow.

* Leadership is about willingness.

* People willingly follow a leader who:

* Have the needs of the group in mind;

* Accepts responsibility for making decisions;

* Can communicate a clear vision;

* Has earned the trust of the group;

* Delivers hope through personal commitment.

“Effective Teamwork and Communication Leads to Success.”

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