Our horses are wonderful but all horses can be unpredictable and Dangerous.

PLEASE DO NOT run or yell when at the farm - other children too must be supervised as to not cause horses to become distracted 

 the establishment shall have liability insurance in place and be able to show proof of coverage at any time

  ‘Release and Acknowledgement’ forms must be signed by all participants. Those participants under the age of 18 (or under the age of majority in applicable province) must have ‘Release and Acknowledgement’ forms signed by their parent or legal guardian

  signage relative to important rules to abide by when around horses should be posted in a prominent area and should be discussed with and understood by all students participating in any type of riding program 

  First Aid kits are located  in Barn , RIding Ring and Arena - point out the locations 

 fire precautions and emergency evacuation procedures should be posted and understood by staff in the event of an emergency - Students should leave all buildings and gather at the maple tree near farm gates . 

- horses should be moved to sand ring or left in paddocks 

IF   lighting/Thunder then students should be in barn or n vehicles or house until pick up  

- horses should be moved to barn  or left in paddocks 

 hazardous material or equipment of any kind should be stored out of reach of horses, riders and the general public 

 all head instructors shall be at least 18 years of age and have a minimum of 5 years’ experience or be certified by the applicable Federal Equestrian Association 

 assistant instructors shall be allowed to instruct only while under the supervision of a head instructor and must be 16 years of age with a minimum of 3 years’ riding experience

  all instructors and assistants must understand and periodically review safety precautions and the steps to be adhered to if an accident occurs 

 all instructors shall have a valid first aid certificate and CPR training

  accident forms must be available at the facility and must be completed by the instructor and any witnesses immediately after an accident has occurred

- if an incident occurs -1.  take a video of the horse used the safety equipment ( saddles bridle etc in use)  and 2. video the witnesses statements and the riders statement.  **** video private never to be shared - only with Cathy ****

  all instruction will take place in a safe and suitable environment 

 no public lessons are to be left unattended

  it is recommended that there be a ratio of 6 students to one instructor (maximum 8:1) 

 instructors should ensure that all students can handle the horse appropriately and understand the basic safety and tacking-up rules 

 all riders need to be at least six years of age before they are allowed to ride a horse without direct assistance. Until a rider is able to stop, turn, and ride in a balanced and controlled manner, they should not be allowed to ride without direct assistance in an uncontrolled environment

  beginners should be supervised by a knowledgeable employee of the facility during the pre-mount handling and tacking-up of the horse or pony 

 a safe riding helmet and proper footwear with a defined heel must be worn at all times when riding any type of horse . ( We have Safety stirrups on saddles) 

 all tack must be properly fitted for horse and rider, and must be in good repair 

 no stallions, horses under five years of age, sick, lame or blind horses will be used by anyone participating in lessons 

 OUR Rules and Conditions

We want everybody who visits CORNER STONE FARM to have a good time and to remain safe this is a working farm and as such we ask visitors to respect the rules and conditions that have been put in place to keep everybody safe.

     No person is allowed to play on or near farm machinery OR HAY.

     No person is allowed to tease dogs or chickens.

      No person is allowed to go into a field or a stable without           permission.

  • Take what your bring and leave only foot prints and memories

 ▪       ALL Children and pets will be supervised at all times by their parents or guardian with the exception of their lesson time.  If you are leaving the property you must inform the instructor and give a cell number you can be reached at. ( binder in bin near outside sand ring) 

       All lessons booked must be cancelled a min of 24 hrs(  the night before,)  if a late cancellation, the lesson will be charged for in full.

▪    Dress in proper clothing and boots  If you arrive for a lesson and are not dressed adequately for riding or the weather conditions then stable management lessons will be given and

the lesson will be charged in full.

        Please do not allow your children to wander around the farm without supervision as we have a pond.


        Some of the fences on the property have electric going through them, make sure your children and yourselves do not touch them as it will hurt.

       These conditions are subject to change without notice it is understood that by becoming a client of CORNER STONE FARM that you are undertaking to abide by all rules. 


            ONLY Come if you are scheduled to be here

 We want you to have fun and be safe please do not hesitate if you have any questions or concerns about anything.

Cathy Colwell- McAllister 

(613) 547 3735

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