Riding Lessons  - what to wear and Bring list

An ASTM approved riding Helmet.  

For their own safety: Children will not be allowed to ride without a proper helmet and footwear !  

Helmets must be less then 5 yrs old and no previous fall 

 You can purchase these for under $150.00.     

  Greenhawk Kingston offers experienced staff who can check helmet fit

They carry Toddler sizes too - Mention you are one of my students  

Low-heeled boots for riding .  The boot must  go higher than the child's ankle and do up securely.(i.e. well fitting rain boots, hiking boots, NO RUNNING SHOES for riding!) IF you arrive without proper boots you lesson fee will be forfeited.

A pony visit groom time will be offered 

Pants to ride in ( track pants, tights  or riding pants )

Light gloves (recommended for protection while riding. Inexpensive "stretchy gloves" are fine.)  

Water/wind  proof jacket

** Please put your name on all of your belongings.

Please bring a reusable water bottle for use before  and during lesson  because they work up a thirst. 

As an environmentally friendly Farm we request that anything you bring with you that you take it away with you . 

For snacks  or horse treats like cut up carrots  or apples recommend that you bring a "garbage free" lunch in reusable containers. Food garbage gets blown in the wind and may cause an animal to choke. Please take all containers home with you 

A full change of clothes ( shorts and a t-shirt) in case they get soiled or wet for the ride home 

Option items for horse show days or parents 

portable lawn Chair 

A warmer top ( sweat shirt)

Insect repellant

Sunscreen , Sun Hat

Barn shoes that they can hike and play in.


A camera to take pictures and memories home with your child

Please put your name on all of your belongings.

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