Corner Stone Farm,  Equestrian Center offers excellent year-round care. Boarding facilities where horses are treated as individuals.  Training and lesson programs offer you a complete package. 

Located on more than 30 acres of pastures and woodland, you’ll find it an ideal spot to board and enjoy your horse.

Full time experienced care on site.

We offer:


  • Individualized feed and turnout programs
  • Daily turn-out for all horses
  • Free choice hay (square bales)
  • Salt and Fresh Water - all seasons
  • Fresh Heated water outside in all winter paddocks
  • Over 30 acres of various paddocks and fields for the horses to graze
  • Regularly scheduled farrier and veterinarian visits
  • De-worming program
  •  a great vitamin / mineral supplement in an alfalfa base. It promotes hoof growth, shiny coats and healthy horses


  • Eight box stall barn
  • Rubber mats in all stalls
  • Run-in sheds
  • Small herds
  • Heated storage area, full bathroom and shower in the house
  • Blankets and turnout boots at no additional charge



  • Professional training available on site. 
  • 160' x 80' outdoor fenced sand ring
  • 120' x 60' well-lit indoor arena with good ventilation and excellent footing 
  • Variety of training cross country jumps, ditches and rolling hills spread out over the property ( 40 acres)



  • Welcoming atmosphere
  • Dedicated owners on site 24/7
  • Excellent stable management
  • 35 years of experience
  • Excellent horse knowledge and intuition
  • NO hidden charges
  • Official boarding contracts 
  • Fully insured  
  • We do not charge for extras, such as blankets or attendance for vet/farrier


INDOOR: $510.00 per horse. HST included, grain extra

OUTDOOR: $400.00 per horse  HST included, grain extra

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