Corner Stone Farm

presents a Natural Horsemanship Clinic 

Demonstration and a clinic on Friday Oct 26, 2012.   Clinic runs from 12:30 am to “as long as it takes” Details are updated as we get horses registered.

Neil McLeod , from Thunderbird Horse Centre, Manitoba, offers over 30 years experience in  a clinic format that focuses on safety for people and horses. 

ANY age or level. 

Neil would like to pass that experience onto anyone willing and wanting to learn. 

He will help you further your education and your horse's to make every experience with your equine partner safe and enjoyable.

Develop a better understanding of equine communication and a knowledge based skill set.  

Learn how to recognize what your horse is telling you and eliminate Panic/ Flight response in Humans and Horses.

A higher level of horsemanship means.....


Spectators $ 35.00 per person.

Enter with your horse  $160.00 per

( trailered in horses welcome, or use one of ours)

Contact Cathy  50% deposit required no later than OCT 4th.

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