green green grass..

May 28, 2009
Well the horses are all so very happy . The grass is green and finally tall enough to let them out, I have been building their eating  times up slowly so we get no upset tummies.. Angus and Chico still try to negotiate the allowed hours.. meaning they runaway when it is time to catch them to take them off the grass.. smarty pants I wil lshow them . I have many many tricks from my youth for catching sneeky ponies..
Coal at 22 looks marvelous and Oreo and he are best friends,..
I have trouble getting all my chores done because it is to nice to just stand and watch them play and graaze and trot just for joy.
I have a great life.


April 23, 2009

We have survived the wedding weekend and lived to tell about it..  being surrounded by love, family and friends is the best feeling ever. Thank you all for everything.

The dogs, chickens and horses where all glad to see us home. Chester and Oscar both kissed the bride. cute horses they are . Angus was too shy and Willie gave me a head snuggle, which for him is huge. Bree of course wanted an ear scratch..

Fish say blurp blurp.. hard to be sure if that is a happy to see you blurp  or a feed u...

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frosty mornings.. silly horses .. keep you going.

January 27, 2009
Well it is days like this that make it all worth while. It was a very cold morning again. We have enough snow coverage to allow the beasties out onto the big fields. Well the Newbies all discovered it today. Cold and frosty canters and bucks. Too funny to watch David, Pat, Angus and Willie play and watch and run.
 Socks and Chester eventually gave in and joined them too.
I was covered in frozen sweat from doing first chores, needed to go into the bathroo, but was trying to get as much done as I...
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our first blog site

January 19, 2009
Well, it is finally not so cold the ponies are all rolling and playing in the fresh white snow. I am getting my lesson plan in myhead for the ladies group tonight, Fun bunch , working on pelvic release and shoulder freedom.  I am considering a Links page to other web sites.. thoughts..
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Cathy Colwell AKA Cathy Colwell McAllister , sometimes Cate McAllister or Mrs. McAllister Professional coach,teacher and horse whisperer for over 23 years now. I have an interest in Helping others find the joy in riding.. for pleasure , for themselves.. for the horses...

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