Results from Corner Stone Farm Short Course June 14.2015.

Congratulations to all the Riders - what a great day! 
My family also wanted to thank everyone for the gentle and polite way everyone was with each other. I lost a few days this week at the cancer clinic and supporting my MOM.

Jason Scourse has already started posting his brilliant pictures and we can't wait to see what Shawn Hamilton has to come. Safe trip home to Shawn and thank you too. 
From Joe Evan and myself thank you all.

 scores in Penalty points

Walk Trot Division - 18"  

Junior riders

1st     79.95         3 Johanna Locke JR 70.95
                         1 Grace Taugher JR 52.08
                         2 Emma Thompson JR 63.75  Modified 2nd place
                         4 Sophie Gillis JR 71.70           Modified 1st place
                         5 Jordyn Garah JR 82.50         Modifed 3rd place

Senior Riders

1st   50.42           2nd dressage  Brooke MacDonald SR 50.42
2st    79.93          3rd  dressage  Kim Hulley SR 57.93
                           1  st dressage   Madeline Halladay SR 50.01
                            4th dressage    Jodie Compeau SR 67.92
2'0 Division 
1st   83.35        1st  dressage Molly Elliot JR 63.35
                         2nd dressge Grace Taugher JR 67.79
                         3 rd dressage  Jordyn Garah JR 77.78
                         4th dressage  Johanna Locke JR 78.06

1st  61.34       2nd dressage  Brooke MacDonald SR    54.45
2nd  54.45     1st dressage  Stacy Way SR       53.34

3rd      68.17      Amanda Knapp SR 

4 th    91.79       Rachele Paquette SR 
                   3rd dressage  Jodie Compeau SR 54.72
                   4th dressage  Maddie Compeau SR 55.56
                   5th dressage  Madeline Halladay SR 56.39
2'6 Division Final Results  
1      74.68       Jen Tourond SR   3rd after dressage   66.68
                     1 st after dressage  Jodie Compeau SR 56.39
                     2 nd after dressage  Madeline Halladay SR 65.84

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