Welcome to Corner Stone Farm

 Equestrian Centre

where horses are our passion.

 Learn, Succeed and Enjoy... that is our Goal.

  Team-Building & Leadership Training  with Horses

Fostering Personal and Business Success through
Communication, Collaboration, & Leadership Training

 Team building with Horses can help:

  • Helps Teams to think creatively with each other
  • Develop clear communication
  • Helps define team Role development
  • Develops skills that allow your team to and think " outside the box" in problem solving
  • Develop more productive collaboration
  • Develop a Higher level of effectiveness
  • Groups work through diversity issues
  •  Teams come away from these workshops with renewed enthusiasm and fresh approaches  

 Body Language and Self Presentation

In the business world we are evaluated on our use of words.
 Our written and verbal communications skills, whereas with horses none of that matters. To have a successful partnership with a horse, an in-depth understanding of body language is essential.
The horses react to  body language. 

  • Posture
  • Movement
  • Eye contact
  • Physical Contact
  • Orientation and distance
  • Expressions of attitude and mood

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